Got bay windows? Need a solution that works?

Try interior plantation shutters! They make great bay window Plantation Shutters and add beauty and style to your home.
2 1/2" louver with hidden tilt and divider rails in the center to allow you to tilt the top and bottom separately.


Hinged Panel Bay Window Plantation Shutters

Double hung panels give you the ability to open the top panels and keep the bottom panels closed. This is a great solution when you have an obstruction in front of the bay window or if you don't want to disturb your pillows or seat cushion each time you need to get some air.

Children's Room Bay Window Plantation Shutters

Each opening has its own frame. Butting them together creates a seamless look.


Dining Room Bay Window Shutter

Den Bay Window Shutter

3 1/2" louver in cherry stain with standard tilt rod and divider rails up high. We can set the dividers at any point that you desire, giving you privacy on the lower portion and still letting in light on the top.
The only thing to be mindful of is if the windows tilt-in for cleaning or if you have lever locks that need to clear the shutter frame. Let us come out today and show just how great interior Plantation Shutters will look and function on your bay or bow windows.

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